Destroy Me Book Review

Warner’s dreams involving Juliette set the stage for certain scenes to come in the sequel. Although illusions, I think they help reveal what some of his deepest desires are; there’s more to it than just lust and yearning for physical contact. For example, he craves “the honour of her smile.” He’s looking to her for so many things he desperately wants (and for that matter, needs): love, friendship, power, etc. To me it’s too much to expect from one person, especially one who was initially forcefully acquired.

It’s this vein of humanity in him that her existence seems to stimulate which makes my heart hurt. But the question then is, does it hurt for him? Or because that piece of goodness in him, linked to her, might not be enough in the end? I still don’t know my answer to that, but we’ll talk about it more when we get to Unravel Me on Friday! What I do know for sure is that after finishing Destroy Me, I feel like I’m invested in a more complex character than I was before.

Recently I’ve seen a lot of people discussing the mechanism used to deliver Warner’s story; some people love novellas, while others dislike them. I’ve seen more than a few commenting on the fact that it’s unfair to require a reader to cover extra material that’s not necessarily part of the main storyline in order to appreciate what happens in successive installments. I absolutely agree that reading Destroy Me first will influence your mindset as you enter the world of Unravel Me, and probably shape how you feel about Warner; specifically, I believe it has the power to alter how you view him as a love interest for our leading lady.

That being said, I love that Tahereh provided this medium. Given the opportunity, I will always say YES YES YES to more words, as long as they add to the universe in a productive way. Destroy Me isn’t simply filler, and that’s what matters most to me.

Plus, I love reading stories from guys’ points of view.

It’s nice to experience a different book reviews¬†and feel refreshed when reunited with the main narrator. However, I don’t think it’s fair that Warner now has the upper hand, in a sense (remember how I contradicted myself in the last post? that’s a running theme). What would even the playing field and make me happier is if the second novella, coming out in December, was from Adam’s POV. It probably won’t play out that way, but especially with how Unravel Me finished, a girl can dream (and simultaneously bottle up all the anxious feelings)!