Exercise Yourself To A Better 6 Figure Job

There are numerous ways that exercising can help you land your next 6 figure job.

Things are definitely tougher when looking for any new job these days, so any extra leverage or advantages you can add to your arsenal will definitely help.

One of the most basic and obvious benefits of a regular fitness program that any successful professional can recognize is just looking better. While it may not seem fair, the bottom line is that perception and looks do play a huge role in getting jobs (whether you are male or female) and it is well worth the investment.

So what type of exercise or fitness routine should you be using and how much time and how often should you be working out to improve your career and chances at a new 6 figure job?

Generally three to five times per week is considered a good routine at between 30-60 minutes each session. However, the studies show increased benefits specifically for those working out on workdays. So getting in the habit of exercising or hitting the gym for at least an hour Monday through Friday would be ideal. Think this is too much time? With the facts showing that this type of fitness program can actually help you work more efficiently and harder it could actually be the most well spent hour of your entire day. You should choose a form of exercise that you really enjoy and can stick to or constantly change it up. It could be as simple as playing tennis or running, to taking a yoga class, to taking up an extreme martial art.

Certainly, different sports and forms of exercise have their advantages in different industries, while different levels of levels of seniority such as golf for example, which can also offer big networking opportunities for 6 figure jobs.

In addition to the cosmetic, health, performance and networking benefits of regular exercise it also makes for much more powerful resumes and interviews when it comes to 6 figure jobs.

Why? Use statistics. Being able to state on your resume that official statistics show that your fitness routine makes you a 70%+ better performer and dedicated worker has to look great and at least pique a hiring manager’s interest when reviewing applicants for 6 figure jobs.

Plus, it also opens doors at firms who are specifically looking for candidates that take their health seriously, which is likely a much higher percentage than you imagine.