How To Write Quickly

Our whole essay is going to show this information why I want to go to France and it’s because of these three things okay we need a whoops we need to indent this right you should always indent you need a little space right here okay next paragraph right indent we’re beginning the body first I want to go I want to visit France because of the food as everyone knows France is famous for its good cooking one French food that I would like to try is escargot escargot is the French word for snails snail is a little bug that crawls on the ground.

In my country the United States it is unusual to eat snails but that is why I want to try them I want a new experience for hog legs frog legs are another unique French food like escargot frog legs are also unusual in the United States and some Americans feel sick just thinking about them however the idea of frog legs uh frog legs does not bother me I have heard they taste like chicken and I think I could eat them easily booyah okay and you see we have a topic sentence right first I want to visit France because of the food that’s our topic sentence it tells you what the paragraph is about and then the whole paragraph is about food then we indent new topic sentence art is another reason why I want to visit France alright and now we know this paragraph will be about art right here’s our topic sentence about art art is everywhere in France and it is some of the best art in the world a lot of art is in a museum called the Louvre with a loofa I’m not sure how they say it but it’s a famous museum here you can find some masterpieces of art yeah masterpieces of art for example you you can find them Venus Milo this is a sculpture of F Road ID yeah a goddess in in Greek mythology the Louvre also contains the most famous work of art in the world the Mona Lisa right this is by Leonardo da Vinci the Mona Lisa is a painting by Leonardo da Vinci.

Well we’ve just got one minute left we may have to just go over a little bit okay any weights by Leonardo da Vinci it shows a woman in front of a beautiful landscape the interesting thing is that the woman has a mysterious smile I want to look at this painting face to face so I can try to guess the secret okay so there’s our body paragraph number two about art okay let’s start the last body paragraph and let’s do it right here indent right blank space right there we need our topic sentence of course this paragraph will be about architecture finally I want to visit France because of the architecture there are a lot of beautiful buildings in France there are churches and opera houses such as no trip Dom right that’s a famous Church and the Palais Garnier that’s a famous Opera House there are historical monuments too such as the Arc de Triomphe this was built by Napoleon I think however the most famous building is the Eiffel Tower this building is the symbol of France it is my dream to go to the top and to look down at the whole city of Paris.