Money can Buy everything. But what about happiness?

Money can Buy everything. But what about happiness?

What makesĀ us happy: love, faith in God or money? The most important topics of research showing that rapid growth that affect our quality of life what extent someone happy with us money. The idea that money brings happiness research Although considered by many people do not support this idea fully.

But researchers Daniel Kahneman and Angus Deaton of Princeton University, the two concepts the emotional well-being (happiness) and life satisfaction be separated from each other, they examined a group of 450,000 people in their Based on the idea that you can make the influence of money in a more open investigation. For this purpose, general thoughts about the daily levels of happiness and life satisfaction of the participants were measured with two different methods.

Research results show that it is effective only on the income level of the general thoughts of life, but it shows that the concept of happiness is very affecting.

Among the factors that affect the daily health happiness, loneliness, and turns out to be habits such as smoking. This is happiness to be associated with earnings up to a certain income level next, but after a certain level of happiness appears to no longer affected by other factors.

In conclusion, this study support previous research many people in life satisfaction only way to provide high income level, but indicates that after a certain influence people’s daily happiness.