Movie review: “2012” is a perfect disaster

“2012” – When it all ends

There have been pretty many movies explaining to us countless ways of the planet’s destruction. Storms, hurricanes, floods, aliens, armies, wars of species and worlds, as well as those between humans only. They are just too much, too unbelievable. 2012 takes it even further. It is one of the main reasons the prophecies of the Ancient Mayans got so well known all over the entire world.
So what does this prophecy tell us? Just like Nostradamus, the Mayans predict when the world will end. The Prophet Nostradamus, however, seems to be either very wrongly misinterpreted a lot of times, or just plain wrong. How do we know the Sun Stone wasn’t misread or just misleading too?
Anyway, this is just the next reason for producers, writers and other people from the “Showbiz” to gain some more and become even wealthier. The Mayans are a nation which used to worship the Sun God. The ancient Sun Stone, also called the Mayan Calendar, has been right all the time. It has three wheel-like circles, which play the role of the actual informative calendar. If there is no mistake in calculations, the Mesoamerican Long Count calendar ends in 2012.
“We were warned” the tagline of the movie reminds us.
In 2009, when it got into cinemas across the world, everyone knew what this was going to become. The director and co-writer Roland Emmerich is famous for his very successful apocalyptic movies (Independence Day, The Day after Tomorrow). This is just another overly expensive movie, which is as pointless and meaningless as all of them. The entire story is based on effects and graphics. The team has tried to do things as scary as possible and in the meantime keep the family audience. This is probably one of the worst aims possible, because in a story with so much destruction and victims there cannot actually be a lack of blood, wounds and so on. We see only one wound and it was not an effect of the giant tsunamis or the earthquakes.
I am not even going to talk about the movie’s plot if there is any. My personal opinion on the matter is that I have, honestly, never seen such a cliché story, awfully based on a too exploited topic. Really, we have the hero who is, as role-playing people would say, Godmodding – intelligent, strong, clever, handsome(at least I understand he is, through the movie, because of his too pretty children and good-looking wife) and even brave. We are also presented with the typical (too many) moments where our hero and his family almost hit something too huge and almost die. The list of misused ideas and happenings goes on and on. The only good thing is that it has a lot of effects and action (not like the old-school action, but like activeness).
The final verdict of this particular movie review , which we can now buy on DVD, is that it wasn’t worth it. Of course, if you have decided to see it because of the director and the epic-ness of the main plot – yes, it will be worth it. But for everyone else, who want to see that some real effort has been made for the money spent, it would just be a waste of time.