New Years Resolutions

When a New Year starts, most people look at ways to improve their lives telling themselves that this year will be better then last, and I will do this! Or I need to lose weight, give up smoking, or even make a million dollars.

The only problem with New Year’s resolutions is that when things don’t work out the way you want them to go, even if it is the beginning of the year, some people automatically end up exactly how they were the previous year, losing inspiration and put off their goal again for the next year!

Why do we need to wait for a new year before we set a goal? Why don’t we wait for a new day? Happy new day anyone?

Most people put to much pressure on themselves when making their goal for the new year, and as the days of the new year starts to count down, they find it harder and harder to live up to the goal that they chose.

The best way for anyone to set goals is to have their major goal in mind, but break this down into mini goals as well. What you want to achieve in six months, three months, monthly, or even weekly and daily.

The more time you have the more easier it is to push out your goals thinking that you have plenty of time left, but once December rolls around again and you haven’t achieved this goal, then you put it off for the following year.

So if you are one of the people who make new years resolutions and find it hard to achieve them, then start getting a little smarter when you are goal setting.

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