Passion Persuades Gets Hired

There is a lot more to getting hired for any six figure job than just how great or long your list of education and previous employers is. Your attitude and the way to carry yourself is just as important if not more so.

Passion persuades! The passion you have for your career, or lack of it is easily picked up by any executive recruiter or hiring manager at all stages of the application process. From an employers point of view, it is much better to hire a less qualified yet capable candidate that is passionate and highly motivated than someone with experience that has lost the joy, interest and excitement for their career.

Even from the beginning with your cover letter your passion can shine through and help give you a better shot at that six figure job.

Employers and executive recruiters can sense how enthusiastic you are about the position and your career from your writing even if you do not see a big difference. However, you will definitely feel the difference when you are writing it.
If your six figure job cover letter is convincing enough to get your resume read, then employers should find that same passion carried through to your resume both in the form of the opening paragraph and in your job descriptions and any additional information. One big part of the six figure job hunt that far too many applicants overlook is their voicemail messages. If hiring managers or recruiters do not like the message either because of the content, dull tone of your voice or because you have a ring back tone they will likely just hang up and toss your application in the shredder. It may seem harsh, but that is how it really works. Make sure your voice mail message is upbeat and positive. Record it with a smile on your face and leave out anything that could be considered negative in any way.

While joking is sometimes OK, saying I am currently away from my desk, or hiding underneath it just says that you cannot handle pressure and will duck responsibilities

Of course, the in person interview for your six figure job is perhaps the most important moment to turn on the passion for your career and the hopes for landing the job in question.

Be upbeat, alert and let the excitement for your job show through in your voice. If you are not at your best first thing in the mornings then make sure you schedule your interview for the time of the day you feel most energized. Pump yourself up before the interview by blasting your favorite music in the car on the way there.